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Relocation Services
We’ll Custom build a Program that Works for Your Organization

At Campbell Group of Companies we can take care of your employees moving solutions and also offer relocation services through our affiliate TransferEASE Relocation Inc.

We can build a comprehensive program to include policy development, cross culture training, relocation expense management, lump-sum/flexible allowance programs for employees.

And we have useful online tools like our relocation budget calculator. Create a Relocation Budget Now

Need a relocation program; we can build it.

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List of Relocation Services are detailed below:

Program Management
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • On-line client and employee web-sites
  • Policy Consulting & Design
  • Benchmarking
  • Outsource Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Partner Meetings
  • Supplier Network & Management
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Training
  • Group Move Management
  • Employee Counselling
  • Guarantee Home Sale
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Amended Value/Buyer Value Option
  • Equity Advances
  • Property Management
  • Appraisal Review only
  • Mortgage Service
  • Legal Service
  • Closing Co-ordination Service
  • Lease Cancellation
  • Temporary Assignment Management
  • Temporary Transfer Vacancy/Rental Management
  • Expense Reimbursement
  • Flexible Lump Sum or Capped Plan
  • Move Management Household Goods
  • Orientation
  • Home Finding – Purchase
  • Rental Finding
  • Mortgage Service
  • Legal Service
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Purchase Closing Service
  • Settling-in Service
  • School Find
  • Spousal Career
  • Elder Care
International Services
  • Pre-Departure Assessment, Planning & Preparation
  • Needs assessment – focus on housing, schooling, language
  • Cross-cultural Training
  • Language Training
  • Tax Planning
  • Visa, Work Permits & Documentation
  • Home Country Property Management
  • Orientation – shopping, medical, schools, recreation
  • Furniture, appliance purchase or lease
  • Settling-in, banking, local business practices, customs, transportation, utility
  • Repatriation Program
Reporting & Financial Services
  • Budget Forecast
  • Higher Housing Cost Analysis
  • Comparable Value Report
  • Rental Subsidy Report
  • Cost of Living Report
  • Mortgage Subsidy Calculation
  • Taxable Benefit Tracking & Reporting
  • Taxable Benefit Gross-up calculations
  • Calculating allowances
  • Reporting to Payroll

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