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Our History – Campbell Group of Companies

Campbell Horse and Wagon The Campbell Group of Companies can be traced back the 1890’s when the Pratt family began moving with horse and wagon business in those days was local and they moved anything.

In 1915 George Target, the son-in-law of Pratt purchased the company and renamed it “Target the Mover”. Business continued with horse and wagon until 1921 when the first truck was purchased. In 1945, when George’s son-in-law, Alex Campbell bought the company it consisted of two modern moving vans. Two years later, Alex’s brother Doug joined him in the business and they changed the name to Campbell Bros. Movers.

Campbell Bros Movers First Truck Campbell Bros Movers

The company grew through hard work and stewardship of the brothers. They moved the company forward by buying more trucks and in the early 1950’s joining North American Van Lines in order to provide service worldwide. In 1964 Alex made a decision, with the support of his family and employees, to change and join United Van Lines. United Van Lines rose from the smallest van line in 1964 to the largest in 1980 and the Campbell Group of Companies played a part in that growth.

In 1986, the company suffered the loss of Alex Campbell and at that time, the control of the company was passed to the next generation. Don, Neil and Vickie Campbell took full ownership of the companies. The growth of the company since the 1980’s has been amazing by expanding locations and companies; today having a group of 23 companies, 10 owned buildings with over 150,000 square feet of modern palletized household goods storage which is more than any other moving company in Ontario.

The Campbell Group is the largest shareholder in United Van Lines which is also the largest Van Line in the Country, having a market share of 40% of the long distance moving. Recently, Mayflower Van Lines has been brought back into the Canadian market and is a brand operating as a sister company with United Van Lines.

Campbell Group of Companies, having companies within United Van Lines and Mayflower Van Lines, is well positioned to offer the very best service in every business line. Campbell family members work hard with a well trusted, long term management team and over 800 employees that are trained at our own facilities to offer the very best to our customers.

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