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Our trained and experienced packing team uses a variety of new materials and special preparation techniques to provide the finest protection for our customers’ belongings. Items wrapped and packed by professionals at origin remain protected until they are safely inside the customer’s new home. Our customers can trust us to do it right when they trust us to prepare their possessions for moving.


Our reputation for quality is reflected in our commitment to superior storage facilities. All of our storage facilities are secure, meticuously clean and well organized. We take great care and pride in ensuring the safety and protection of your personal belongings.

Container Use

storage container

Containers are an excellent alternate mode of transportation for customers who may require extended transit times, short term storage-in-transit, or exclusive use.

Along with United Van Lines’ container system, we have our own fleet of containers which allows us to provide the following:

Exclusive Use

Household goods can be both shipped and stored in privacy from other shipments.

Flexible Delivery

Delivery can be extended.


Shipping containers help keep storage costs to a minimum.

Less Handling of Household Goods

Containerized storage-in-transit means household goods are handled only once, minimizing chances of loss or damage.

Protection for Our Clients’ Valuables

Only a select group of specially trained professionals handles the containers.

The Best Equipment

All containers are sanitized between uses. They are shipped cross country using air ride trailers.

Satelite Tracking

Safety and communication go a long way in ensuring outstanding service to our customers. With United Van Lines’ unique Satellite Tracking System, we maintain constant contact with our van operators to ensure compliance with all regulatory conditions.

The benefits of this system include constant updates on weather conditions and instant communication in case of emergency.

Library Relocations

Whether you are relocating your library across the hall or across town, we at The Campbell Group of Companies have the equipment, the experience and the dedication to facilitate your move. Our unique organizational methods allow us to move your collection so that books remain in the correct order of call numbers at all times. We can also provide consulting services ranging from shelving styles and layout, to budgets and feasibility studies to help take the pressure off of library services. Your staff can be as involved as you like, or be completely removed from the whole process. Why not call the experts at the Library Division of The Campbell Group of Companies, and let us manage your move as we have done so successfully for other libraries.

Campbell Group of Companies Library Division

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Cross Border Moves

The Campbell Group of Companies operates United Van Lines’ largest trans-border hauling fleet and is recognized as the number one specialist in relocations to and from the United States. Our experience and expertise eliminates many of the problems and frustrations associated with moving goods across the border.

Our coordinators are specially trained to handle all entry requirements and customs documentation for household goods and automobiles. Our customers will receive the same impeccable quality of service, wherever in North America they choose to relocate.

All families moving to the United States are provided with a detailed guide which contains information on:

  • All required documentation
  • Customs information
  • Restrictions on household goods
  • Information on vehicle entry
  • Names, telephone, fax numbers and addresses for various government agencies

The Freight Division of CGC Group

The CGC currently manages a fleet of trucks of more than 200 units with traffic lines through Michigan, P.A. and Ohio corridors; including lanes that cover Michigan to Qu├ębec. The lanes extend all through the Eastern provinces to the Mid West in the U.S.A.

We are licensed to haul in both the U.S.A. and Canada and are one the largest CTPAT approved carriers of cross border traffic.

As part of the Campbell Group of Companies of more than 500 employees our customers benefit from the resources of satellite tracking, computerized inventories and electronic paperless download capabilities.

Our drivers are trained on both the safety and the handling of specialty products from dry food to time sensitive and hard to handle products.

All of our equipment is state of the art equipped to handle a wide range of products.

Campbell Freight

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